Sunday, 12 February 2012

Back from my bloggers grave

My extended hiatus has come to a close. Mostly due to popular demand and slightly elevated energy levels, I have returned to reclaim my post as some what of a do it yourself connoisseur.  Though the keyboard has been out of the loop for quite some time - the ideas and creations have been feverishly surging through my family's limbs at an uncontrollable pace. With the arrival of our sequel child due in June, we have been overwhelmed with rad ideas and revamps - transforming an old room to a new room and a spare room to a toddlers room - the possibilities have been unbelievably endless. 

On the same level as my excitement for having a new kid is my elation for having an excuse to buy second hand furniture that I can dust off and transform into new greatness. My husband's distaste for garage clutter and joy for the dismantling of space over-stayers always hinders my reasoning for buying without a purpose. I now have the upper hand and even a small portion of the surfboard, weight bench, work station ridden garage at my leisure. 

A few weeks ago we ventured out to Trash Palace in Tawa. It's generally a dumping ground for the unsalvageable but if you dig deep enough and make a few passes around the joint, you might stumble upon a cubic zirconia amongst the mounds of utter crap. And low and behold - I did. A mouldy set of broken drawers with legs, height and handles I adored. The man at the counter was asking way too much but with a ginger husband at the bartering helm (and the additional purchase of a set of training wheels) we snagged up our toxic mess for just over $10.


A week later I donned my pregnant lady's mask of safety and started the dressers journey for new life. 

Everything got a good sand and the outer shell got a few new coats of varnish. Gave the drawers a couple coats of the green paint that I picked up in test pot size for $5 at the local hardware store. Seriously people...if you can buy test pots - do it! Best deal ever. 

After the green was fully dried I masked over the handles of the drawers I wanted to have the lace print on and masked around the handles of the ones I didn't. I painted the handles of the non-patterned drawers purple and placed the lace (grabbed from the thrift store for $5) across the left overs and cut out where the handles sat so the lace would lay flat. I gave them a light spray paint and pulled the lace off right away but very very carefully. 

I unmasked everything and that's it! Super stoked on how it turned out. The new little lady's room is going to look really rad with this in it. 


  1. I think it would so nice to hang out with you for awhile to ignite the dying embers of creativity on this end!!!
    Great Job !!!
    auntie chris

  2. I love the idea of using the lace as a stencil! It looks great. :-)