Wednesday, 13 July 2011

For all those Tea drinking, denim lovers out there

Growing up in small Northern British Columbia town, I naturally have denim surging through my veins. I remember seeing so many intriguing variations as I wandered the main street in what could be considered my own creative denim rendition - a triangle of floral material sewn into each leg to fool you into thinking it was the 1970's and I was fronting the hippie movement. Others that seemed to arrive like clock work - or when the ice began to melt and the sun lured out our vitamin D deficient limbs  - the too short denim shorts with the pockets dripping out the bottom. See, back in my day these shorts happened by accident - mis-measures and crooked lines birthed their creation but hey, they were your only pair of winter worn jeans that wouldn't last another year at full length, so they would have to do, too short or not, those puppies were getting worn! 

So, in honor of my childhood, I made this Tea cozy out of scrap denim. This Cozy is dedicated to Terrace - which right now is in full summer swing - how I wish I was there to see you in all your denim cut-off glory. 

I don't really have measurements for this cozy or even clear instructions. All I basically did was draw a large shape that resembled a Tea pot without a handle - kind of like a half circle with a spout. I doubled up the fabric and cut it out. I also cut a second set of a different fabric to use as a liner. I stitched the liner - good sides facing together - to the denim. I only did this on the bottom and the opening of the spout - the rest of the seams will be hidden so it would be a waste of time. 

* If you so desire - add a fun little design to the fabric before stitching it all together. You can sew something on, do some hand-stitching or even bleach a hand print or some love hearts like you would in grade school. 

Now you get to sew it all together. For good reasons, leave the bottom and the spout unstitched - you will find out later when trying to use the cozy why this is a handy step to adhere to. When doing this cozy I added in a strip of stretch fabric to make it fit the variation of Tea pots I own - you don't need to do this unless you are a collector/hoarder like me and have multiples of everything. Once it's all sewn together - you are done! Brew a delicious pot of Tea and enjoy the fruits(?) of your labour. 

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