Saturday, 30 July 2011

Storage box filled with the 1990's.

Every time I leave my house I am on the prowl for free. Free is my new black. I find that no matter what it is - useful or not, if someone offers it to me for free - I swiftly snatch it up. The other weekend we drove by one of my lucky thrift shops and sadly sitting outside in the two day torrential rain - there she was - water logged and clothed in last decades fabric of choice - a giant flip open bench seat. I hopped out of the car at the red light - not able to even wait for Hayden to find a parking spot - and raced inside to offer her a warn home and a gentle touch. Unfortunately, today was not my lucky free day. But I did part with the $8's worth of coinage in my pocket and became the proud new mumma of someone's discarded "junk". 

*Unbeknownst to us - the storage box was filled with 40kg (90lb) of home and garden and in flight (that normal people leave on the plane) magazines from the late 1990's. Awesome. 

My first, and most satisfying job, was to strip all the old and dust laden fabric off this new treasure. The bottom was easy to disrobe but the lid was filled with ancient coil springs and layers of what seemed to be archaeological remains. Grosser than you can ever imagine. 

After the removal of a zillion nails and staples - and after letting it dry out for almost a week - I got the boys to cut out a spot for your hands to slip in to make opening the box semi possible. They also cut some wood to make a top for the lid so I had something to adhere the new padding to. I gave the base a generous sand and used a watered down paint to make an almost stain effect. After attaching the fabric to the lid - I used a white material and some fancy silver pins to hide the ugliness of the lids underbelly. We reattached the top and the transformation was complete! 

I decided to give my sun-room/entrance a new look - I had no problems with it before but I am totally in love with it now!

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