Monday, 11 July 2011

Part knife block - part necessary safety measure

I'd never been a big fan of knife blocks, until that sunny afternoon when my small child came into the living room with a large Chef's knife that he had blindly pulled from the top kitchen drawer, passing it to me and proceeding back in to grab another - I decided that it was possibly time to consider an alternative living arrangement for the sharp objects.

This knife block is great - you can make it as big/little as you want and as ugly/pretty as you see fit. Super easy to construct and holds whatever size knives you possess. Start out by cutting 5 pieces of wood (a box without the top) - it will be filled with wooden skewers, so the height of the four sides should be the height of a skewer. We did the two big sides 200mm x 200mm and the two smalls 200mm x 100mm. The bottom length should be 200mm plus the thickness of your wood x 2. The wood we used is 7mm thick - so the length of our bottom piece is 214mm. The width is the same as your small side - 100mm. 

Nail all your sides together - making sure that the small sides "cap" the ends of the box. (I am not sure if "cap the ends of the box" is a carpentry term but people make stuff up all the time - this box ain't fancy - figure it out!) Get the bottom on and start filling with skewers! 

You can leave the wood on the knife block raw - which looks pretty cool  (if you don't use old nasty pieces of wood from pallets you find down dodgy alleyways - which we do) or you can paint it up to match your hip decor - either way, it's a pretty fun little build and keeps little children fingers safe from the chop. 



  1. My small child could climb up there, pull on something and drag the whole block full of knives down on top of himself. I kept my knives locked in a drawer for years.

  2. Thanks for your comment. This probably isn't a build for you then.