Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back in time travel

I guess in some way I have always (maybe a bit more now) loved the romantic idea of being whisked away on an adventure of mass proportions. Trudging through land I have never trudged, seeing sights my eyes have never viewed. Generally I am not picky - a suburb next door or what seems to be a million hour drive - I just like to get away. I wish I had this same zest for the travel when I was an angst filled teenager being carted around on family tours. My parents would try and take my sister and I on a road trip most summers. This one year we went to pick up my sister who had gone away a few weeks earlier with another family, my parents thought it would be awesome to go on a longer, more beautiful, more eye appealing way - I was fully against this. I pretended to be asleep in the back seat the whole way. I could hear my mom yell out with delight at one point, "Look Janel, the Rockies!". I could barely muster up the energy to look out the side window and with every ounce of bad attitude and hatred for all things that made other people enjoy themselves - the only reply I could free from my lips was, "Ugh." and probably a faint "Humph".

Maybe my guilt for not being a decent travel companion in my teenage years is what has made me lust for the make up of lost world viewing time. I really wish I could see more than I do, be on one of the planes that thunder  from the runway moments away from my house, be the jerk on the highway pulling the sloth like caravan with no rear vision. I really wish I could be the person that won the lottery. 

When I did my last rearrangement of furniture I found I was left with two beaten up old suitcases filled with DVD's and nowhere to home them. 

I also found that I had a large empty cinder-block wall with nothing to hang upon it. I did some thinking and poking and prodding and found a way to suspend my old suitcases to magically turn them into shelves (after removing the lids as suggested by my ingenious red bearded husband). I stabbed some nails into the moulding along the upper half of the wall and attached some wire to them and to the handles of the suitcases. The bottoms of the cases needed a bit of support so we attached a piece of wire from the bottom up to the nail as well. I filled them with love and failed knitting and am more than stoked with the way they turned out.

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