Saturday, 6 August 2011

Kiwi lime together in harmony

When I first moved to New Zealand I was saddened by the lack of condiments in established home kitchens. They had the basics - ketchup aka: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and possibly brown sauce - known to common non NZ folk as HP sauce. Myself, being a lover of all things made to moisten a meal, felt lost. I swiftly began a hunt for deliciousness...and swiftly became disappointed. If I did track down a food accompaniment I felt familiar with, it's cost was beyond my upkeep means and the taste left me missing my childhood refrigerator door. 

A few years back, Hayden and I had a yard that could support the garden we desired, and we began to grow vegetables. With said grown vegetables, we would make our own lavish meal enhancing sidekicks. We grew pickles and dill for some epically amazing dill pickles, tomatoes and coriander (cilantro) and chillies to make the freshest salsa you could ever imagine. We made dips and dressings, jams and chutneys - something's grown and some bought (but only where our fertile green thumbs fell short). This process was immensely rewarding and is now - from lack of grounds to cultivate - overwhelmingly missed.  So when a colleague from work, who had seen my blog, offered up a bounty home grown of Kiwi fruit for the making - I snatched up the generosity of free and set my brain into Kiwi creation overdrive. And this folks, is what I came up with...

Kiwi Lime Jam:
Scoop out 24 Kiwi's and zest up two limes. Chuck these into a pot on medium/low for thirty minutes all together. 

After about ten minutes of the cooking process throw in 1/2 a cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of Citrus Pectin to aid in the thickening. Continue cooking for the last 20. I found that there were some chunky bits hanging out so I gave it a quick blitz with the hand wand and then added in 3 tablespoons of lime juice right at the end. 

Dump your jam into clean jars - tighten the lids and place into a boiling bath for 10 minutes (Have the water level come to a bit under the lids). Once cooled the lids will suck in a be totally sealed. 


  1. I stumbled across your site...and I had so many kiwi fruits around so thought heck why not..and for 2 fussy kids who REFUSE to eat them..well..they now have kiwi lime jam...on scones is delish!! Keep up with the site..I will be a regular viewer :)I love your updates x

  2. I love kiwi. Thanks so much for this post.
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